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One diet doesn't suit all

Last month I talked about how exercise should be individual to you to make sure you get the most from it - this month I'm applying the same theory to diet.

We've gone through the January blitz that makes most people try a new fad diet to lose their Christmas excess and now the sun has been out its all about beach bodies.

In the past I too have fallen into the trap of the latest diet trends but having studied nutrition I know that the only thing that works for me is a plan that is tailored to my lifestyle which allows me to be relaxed and continue to do everyday activities to the best of my ability.

Given the job that I do and the amount of time I spend being active I need to make sure that I have enough energy to keep me going whilst maintaining my weight or looking to lose weight. Other people who might have a sedentary job where they don't move around at all and maybe don't have the time to exercise regularly wouldn't be able to eat the same as me and lose weight. That's why I like to take all of these elements into account when I talk to clients about nutrition - one diet doesn't suit all!

The promises of diet plans are all well and good but each individual is going to have a different response because of the way their body works or the amount they move around and they also have to take into account they might have intolerance's to different foods or simply not like certain things that are fundamental to a specific diet so how can they substitute those nutrients? My advice to anyone who wants to lose some weight is to seek proper advice. The many diets available have their place and I know people who do well with them but do they ever really last?

If you want to maintain weight loss over a period of time then you need to make changes that will be sustainable into the future not just for six weeks or six months. It is all too easy to fall back into bad habits when you reach your target and think it doesn't matter but when that one treat day becomes two days or three days you will undo all of your hard work.

Here are a few tips for you to take into account before you start a new diet or food lifestyle:

  1. What do you want to achieve? What is it that you really want to change and reach?

  2. Be realistic in your timescales - 6 weeks might not give you the result you want but a steady loss over 6 months will be easier to maintain and help you to think differently about your relationship with food.

  3. It is more of a lifestyle change and understanding this will help you to see what is needed to reach your targets.

  4. Having a support network in your family, friends or coach is a massive help to keep you motivated.

Finally - remain true to yourself and the journey to a new you will be a much smoother one.

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