Hints and tips for healthy eating

I don’t know about all of you but I certainly find eating healthy more of a challenge in the winter? Its so much easier in the summer to throw together a salad and not have to think about it but in the winter months we all crave something a little bit warmer and more comforting. This months blog is broken down into three sections to help you to eat smarter in the winter.

Section 1: Easy swaps to turn classics into healthy alternatives

I’m the first to hold my hands up and say I’m not a potential Masterchef contestant but I what I do like to cook are healthier alternatives to some of my favourite meals. Here are some tips on ingredients to swap around

  1. Sausage and mash – trade in high fat pork sausages for chicken or quorn sausages and swap traditional mash for sweet potato mash

  2. Burger and chips – make your own burgers using lean Turkey mince, mix in some chilli flakes to add a bit of heat and serve with sweet potato fries

  3. Fish and chips – we all know they’re bad for us so change a piece of battered cod to a cod fillet or a tuna steak and add some stirfry veg to rice instead of eating chips. Some of the quick cook packets of flavoured rice you can get from the supermarket make this a really quick and easy dinner when you’re in a rush

  4. Chocolate bars – swap chocolate bars for rice cakes with peanut butter for something sweet when you’re really craving it

  5. Chicken casserole – change a traditional casserole into something a but different by adding sweet potato, spinach and Kale to some browned chicken thighs and bake in the oven

Section 2: Shopping list staples

When you’re doing your weekly shop there are some key ingredients that give you go to healthy options. On my list I always have:

  • Greek yoghurt – great with fresh fruit or if you need something sweet added to I drizzle a tiny amount of honey

  • Porridge Oats – not only a great breakfast but also a basic ingredient for creating many healthy snacks or protein bars/balls

  • Frozen fruits – If you need something nutritious on the move grab some frozen berries or fruit and veg mixed bags to add to smoothies

  • Eggs – a great ingredient for creating healthy meals, whether you’re adding a poached egg to a recipe or need something quick and easy like an omelette for dinner – you should always make sure you’ve got eggs on your list

  • Turkey mince – provides a leaner alternative to beef mince and can create a multitude of recipes from burgers and meatballs to lettuce boats and chilli

  • Spices and flavourings – it can be hard to stick to a diet if you all cook is plain food so add some spices to your list and play around with seasonings and marinades on your meats

Section 3: Places to look for inspiration

I look for new ideas in loads of places online and here are some of my favourite sites for healthy recipes:




https://www.thebodycoach.com/blog/cats/recipes - try some of the lean in 15 recipe books too – the healthy lasagne and chicken pie are some household favourites for me!

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